5 Ways The #IEWP Meetup Group Will Help You In Life & Business.


Five Ways The IEWP Meetup Group Will help you in Life & Business Featured Image

When you become an active member of the Inland Empire WordPress Meetup Group you are taking a big step in the direction of growing yourself.  Our goal in the Inland Empire Meetup Group is to help you understand the WordPress Platform and immerse you in the WordPress Community.

Learn All About WordPress: Basics – Advanced

What you will learn at the Inland Empire WordPress Meetup group is not limited to the basics of Web Design.  There are web professionals who can tackle the toughest questions.  Our open format encourages EVERY question.  The rule of thumb we use when it comes to our gatherings is that there are NO DUMB QUESTIONS.

Get Hands On Help With Your WordPress Problems

Before every meetup we have an optional but awesome pre-meetup dinner.  After the Pre-meetup dinner we meet at our venue early to give you hands on help with any problem you may have.  Been trying to figure out something on your website?  This is the perfect time to come and let us deliver happiness to you by helping you pinpoint the issue and solve it immediately.  We can this help time before the meetup our Happiness Bar Time.  Come and get help FREE of charge!

Discover the best WordPress Solutions

As a person interested in making your WordPress website(s) better, when you come to the IEWP Monthly Meetup or become a part of our community through the website or Facebook group, you get plugged in to the best way to discover WordPress Solutions.   Google is grand, but, sometimes you don’t know the right questions to ask.  Being a part of the global WordPress Community through your local meetup & connecting online is first step in finding the absolute best WordPress solutions.

Stay updated on platform changes, Security Issues

Because WordPress is an open source platform that is supported by a massive & diverse developer community and built on top of the technologies that continue to move the web forward there are constant updates.   Sometimes there are updates that need to be made to your website because of security issues in particular plugins, other times the patch may need to be made to the core of the WordPress technology.  As an active participant in the WordPress community you will have your ear to the ground of the constant changes that accompany the platform and you will be certain to know if and when there is a vulnerability that may affect your website or your business.

Connect with The Greater GLOBAL WordPress Community

Here in Southern California We actually have several WordPress Meetup Groups that are all connected to greater global WordPress community.

Southern California WordPress Meetups

As a part of your local WordPress Meetup group you will learn about the global WordPress community and the events (i.e. WordCamps, Developer Meetups, Developer days ) that are a part of the community that backs the software that powers 25% of the World Wide Web.  Business & personal growth will be the result of you learning to develop valuable relationships with others in the community that will last your entire life.