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Welcome to The WordPress World

Maybe you are wanting to pick up a new hobby, want to better your business presence on the web or maybe you just want to create and maintain your own blog in order to share your thoughts and experiences with the world.   Whatever your interest with regard to WordPress, starting at your local WordPress Meetup group is the best beginning.

The WordPress Reach

WordPress now powers 25% of the World Wide Web and has a far reach. However, many people still have misconceptions about the open source web software.   The primary perception that has been perpetuated about WordPress is that it is a lightweight web software meant only for blogging websites.  While it is true that the origins of WordPress began around blogging, it is also true that the software has matured to the point that large enterprises would certainly be missing out if they passed it by on this basis.   To the credit of WordPress,  it is not only suitable for large businesses but simple enough for startups, small business owners 7 mom & pop ventures.

Inland Empire WordPress Group

If you live anywhere in the Inland Empire we would like to invite you to the WordPress Meetup group.   Who are we?   We are a group of WordPress enthusiasts in the Inland Empire who have connected for the purpose of networking with each other and learning the WordPress software.

Sweeten Your WordPress Experience

If you actually begin using the WordPress software before you discover the community then your experience will be made all the more sweet when you finally get the opportunity to connect with the developers, organizers, users & builders of the software.


Three Steps To a Great Meetup Experience

Here are a three simple tips to get the most out of any meetup (whether it is your first or fiftieth) :

  1. Come at ease – The first thing you should remember is that we are all learning and growing.   Coming to the meetup at ease means, “Drop the mental pressure”.  Relax. Be yourself.   We are all people who are learning & growing and even those organizing the meetup have difficulties that they are not able to solve.   Think of your local meetup group as an extended portion of your family.  Your “tech” family.   We are glad to see you every time you come.
  2. Come with questions – as mentioned above, even the meetup organizers have their own struggles and problems they cannot solve.  This means there are no dumb questions & every question is important.  if you never ask your question, your problem will remain unresolved.  My recommendation is that before the meetup you write down at least 2 WordPress questions you can ask to help you in your personal WordPress education.  The next step for you is to actually ask those questions at the meetup.
  3. Just come – Most meetup groups only meet once a month so there is plenty of time for you to plan in advance.  In the Inland Empire we meet every 1st Tuesday of each month in downtown Riverside at the ExCite Building. And more than learning about tech you will build valuable relationships.  Meetups are only a single entry point into the WordPress community.

See You Soon

These three simple steps will launch you into your WordPress community experience on the right path.  We look forward to seeing you at the meetup group soon.  🙂



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