Do you want to share your WordPress skills with our group?

Our Meetup takes place on the first Tuesday of every month, and we are always looking for speakers. Attendance is usually around 15 members with diverse skill sets.

We are always looking for speakers, so please do not be shy.  In many instances, we may pair your presentation with similar presenters, so you don’t have to worry about presenting for a full hour or more.

  • Your Topic?

    You don’t have to be a WordPress ninja to speak at our meetup, however, any of the following achievements help:

    • You created a WordPress plugin & you want to explain how it works.
    • You built a WordPress website & you want to dissect it for the group.
    • You are an expert with a certain Framework or Theme?
    • You work for a company that provides WordPress services (hosting, plugins, themes).
    • You are an expert in WordPress security or scaling.
    • CSS and graphics is your thing?